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Laurie’s Kitchen

Thanks for supporting Laurie’s Kitchen! This brand is no longer available at retail.

Old World Wholesale Product Lines

Purchase Old World product lines to resell at your place of business

American Royal Barbeque Rubs

American Royal rubs let anyone Grill Like a Champion at home!  Learn more about our retail brands at

barbeque rubs


Championship BBQ Rubs and Sauces

Old World Spices & Seasonings has developed a program using some of the BBQ industry’s best known, great tasting rubs and sauces. As the manufacturer of these quality products, Old World is able to offer a convenient, efficient, and profitable option to carry multiple brands and labels through a single source.

Purchase Championship Rubs and sauces at the BBQSpot Website

Craft Show and Farm to Market Products

Turn a handsome profit with delicious home-spun soup mixes, dip mixes, dessert mixes and Farm to Market products in packaging especially designed for sale at craft shows, farm entertainment destinations and orchards.

  • Low minimums on stock selection of flavors
  • Each package is designed for fold-over header cards (hang tags)
  • We provide labeling information, ready for your printer, and you arrange for printing
  • Ask about our custom flavors (higher minimums required)

Craft Show Ready Products

  • Soup Mixes
  • Dip Mixes
  • Cheeseball Mixes

Farm to Market Products
Mixes that sell more of your Farm to Market produce. Instead of selling just a pound of two of your fruits and vegetables, also sell them delicious Soup Bases, Fresh Fruit Baking Mixes, Salsa Mixes, Grilling Spices and Cider & Mulling Spices. All of these homemade style mixes come to you “Header Card Ready”. Simply design and apply your header cards, sell for a handsome profit and get your name into the customers pantries! They will come back for more!

  • Soup Bases & Chili Mix
  • Salsa Mixes
  • Cider & Mulling Spices
  • Fresh Fruit Baking Mixes
  • Grilling Spices

For more information about our Craft Show and Farm Market Private Label program, contact